Offers a broad spectrum of training services ranging from young horses to FEI from USDF Silver Medalist, Ericka Cecere.

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Thorough and concise lessons allow students to gain valuable tools to achieve their personal goals.

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Successful sales training and preperation program finding suitable homes for sales horses and new partners for current clients.

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Since 1993


With the never ending quest of mastering the art of dressage, Ericka Cecere brings years of experience to simplify the discipline for both horse and rider. Her deep understanding of what makes horses successful in their jobs allows for relaxed and willing partners. With a focus as well on the riders psyche, Ericka is able to bring students through their blockages and create confident and happy riders.

Ericka is a systematic trainer who stresses the importance of taking ones time for the betterment of the sport. She works slowly and methodically to gain the trust of both horses and students to achieve individual goals set fourth. Specializing in misunderstood horses and horses that need confidence, she has been dubbed a 'horse healer.' Finding the quality in each horse and student and allowing them to understand the nuances of dressage within each discipline is the goal.

Having a cross training approach to dressage which includes a program of hacking, jumping, cavaletti work and in-hand training produces not only happy horses but successful horses. Gaining her USDF silver medal in 2018 during the Adequan Global Dressage Festival in Wellington has not only allowed for indispensable experience in the ring but solid feedback for her program.


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